Articles related to food that has helped me in my health journey recovering from my heart attack.

  • Eat Clean for better health after a heart attack

    Eating Clean

    Eating clean means more than simply washing the veggies and doesn't have to be strict.
  • Drink water for better health after a heart attack.

    Drinking More Water

    I was so hesitant about drinking water at first. Why on Earth would I want to give up my tasty…
  • Fighting chronic inflammation after a heart attack.

    Fighting Inflammation

    Inflammation can be the root cause of many health ailments and we as a population consume inflammation every day in…
  • Pasture raised chickens and eggs.

    Pasture Raised Chicken

    The health benefits of pasture-raised chicken and eggs from those chicks are unparalleled to their conventional and cheap counterparts.
  • Wild-caught sockeye salmon for better heart health.

    Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon

    Sockeye salmon has become a staple item in my now healthy clean eating diet. Besides the taste, why do I…