Pasture Raised Chicken

Pasture Raised Chicken

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Behold the even more nutritious egg!

It’s pretty common knowledge that an egg provides all the nutrients to make a baby chicken, making it a nutrition powerhouse. Eggs from pasture-raised chickens are even more nutritious than conventional eggs.

Pasture-raised eggs have more good stuff and less of the bad stuff.
Mother Earth News

I usually buy the Vital Farms Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs because they’re at several of the stores that I shop and are very good, and I loved that video which sparked my learning of the importance of pasture-raised chickens! Generally, I’ll eat one or two eggs on strength training days and sometimes one with breakfast on non-strength training days. I LOVE having an egg, tuna, spinach & avocado sandwich for lunch! It’s pretty yummy and packed full of nutrition!

In 2007, Mother Earth News performed a study that compared eggs from pasture-raised chickens of 14 farms to the USDA information of the standard conventional egg. The results were astounding!

Another study showed that eggs from chickens raised with ample sunlight were 3-4 times higher in Vitamin D3!

Here a cluck. There a cluck.
Everywhere a cluck-cluck.

The differences in Cage Free, Free Range, Pasture Raised, and Conventional Eggs.


Like the pasture-raised chicken is better, so are the eggs!

If the egg from a pasture-raised chicken is so much more nutritious, that means the chicken itself is better, too, right? Absolutely!

Here is an excellent read about how pasture-raised chickens are better. Basically, the eggs’ benefits translate to chicken meat as well. Higher in vitamins and Omega-3 and other nutrients and lower in saturated fat and even cholesterol. I personally think they taste much better too.

Certified humane label for better than conventional marketed products.

A better alternative if you can’t find pasture-raised eggs.

If you can’t find pasture-raised chicken locally in your store, then look for the Certified Humane label. After watching the videos above and reading the linked articles, it should be apparent that the better raised the chickens are, the better their nutritional values are, AND it’s just the right thing to do. It’s also been shown through various analyses that the farm’s nutritional information varies. I believe it is safe to assume that the Certified Humane label products are better for us than the conventional supermarket chicken that is often pumped with a sodium solution to make them plump and juicy-which is just another yucky bad thing. Read more and be sure to watch the video at

Pasture-raised chicken is more expensive than conventional.

Even though it costs more, you’re also getting MORE nutrients that we need and not just something that tastes ok and fills our bellies. Most purchases end up all about the price, as with most things.

My mission is to eat as clean as I can and pasture-raised chicken, and their eggs are clean since they are raised in their natural habitat and eat what they are meant to eat. I feel good about purchasing products with the Certified Humane label because I know the animals are raised and handled better than their conventional counterparts.

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