Out of all the accessories that I’ve purchased, none of them gives me peace of mind as this does. Sure, my Garmin watch has fall detection and will alert my emergency contacts if I don’t respond, but what if I’m collapsed and unconscious? Minutes matter.

EMS personnel are trained to look for things like this. All they have to do is look on the back of the band, scan the QR code or call the phone number on the back and provide the PIN on the band, and they have access to all the emergency information that I provide FREE on their secure website!

There are all kinds of items like this, such as having that information printed on the bands, but what if things change? With this, all I have to do is log in and update the information, whereas, with the other types, I’d have to order a new one with the new information, PLUS with the other kinds, I think they’re ugly, and I don’t want all that information on display all the time.

Being active while having a medical condition always makes me think, “what if?” This band gives me peace of mind that someone can have my info if it is needed.