Brita Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This is one of a few recommended products that I use in my healthy lifestyle that I’m often asked about. 

Brita Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I bought the plastic one and used it for a few months after concluding that it is better to use a filtered bottle than to buy bottles of water. I was fine with it until my wife bought me a stainless steel version!

This thing will keep my water at temp for a really long time! I prefer to drink room temp water. I even tested this with cold water (I have a Brita® pitcher in my refrigerator, too) and placed this in the sun on a hot day while mowing the lawn. I came back after that, and it was still cold! I worked around the house and kept it in the sun, and after an hour, it was still cold! They advertise that it will stay cold for 24 hours. That is great and all, but I fill this thing up about five times a day. 😆

Aside from the insulating properties, it is great knowing that I’m drinking good filtered water no matter what faucet I fill it up from. No, you can’t put creek, river, or lake water in it, but it does make almost all tap water taste very similar!

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