Ceylon Cinnamon

This is one of a few recommended products that I use in my healthy lifestyle that I’m often asked about. 

I thought cinnamon was cinnamon, but it isn’t.

Ceylon is native to Sri Lanka and classic “Cassia” cinnamon is grown in many other areas around the world.

Both types of cinnamon can be healthy. However, Cassia has a higher percentage of coumarin, which can cause health issues if consumed in frequent large quantities, and even a teaspoon can bring someone over the daily limit! Ceylon contains 250 times LESS coumarin than Cassia.

Ceylon cinnamon has a few health benefits too such as: being full of antioxidants including polyphenols (combat oxidative stress and more), being an anti-inflammatory, can contribute to good cholesterol levels, helping with insulin resistance/controlling blood sugar, and more. Read more about this at Healthline.

Ceylon tastes a bit different, but after the first couple of times, I really enjoy it. I put a teaspoon in my oatmeal and it is pretty delicious on eggs (pasture-raised of course) and with shiitake mushrooms!

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