This is one of a few recommended products that I use in my healthy lifestyle that I’m often asked about. 

Flipbelt running accessory belt.

When running in regular shorts, I couldn’t stand having my phone, keys, and wallet flopping around in my shorts pockets. To make matters worse, I have a metal container holding my bottle of nitroglycerin pills (that I should keep with me at all times), and that adds even more flopping in the pocket. The Flipbelt is excellent for keeping things secure!

I also like the water bottles that they make for the belts (get the larger one.)

Their running light for night-time runs is excellent as it is waist level and casts long shadows so you can see sidewalk imperfections and other obstacles well. Plus, it can be switched to be VERY bright!

I have the classic and the elite which have a water-resistant zippered pouch.

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