House of Macadamias Bars

This is one of a few recommended products that I use in my healthy lifestyle that I’m often asked about. 

House of Macadamia Nut Bars - Coconut, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Mocha Flavors are a Healthy Antioxidant Packed Snack!

Simply put, this is a VERY delicious and healthy snack!

I don’t like using the term “superfood” but the macadamia nut is a sort of superfood if you will. Their Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio is the lowest of all nuts which in itself helps minimize inflammation.

They are unique in that they have a good amount of Omega-7. That’s one fatty acid that we don’t hear too much about, but it is a very potent antioxidant, helps with collagen production, and can LDL and increase HDL further improving that LDL:HDL ratio!

Here is a great article of 7 benefits to macadamia nuts!

These bars are made of 45% of sustainably sourced macadamia nuts straight from South African farmers. The other 35% of the ingredient list looks to be pretty clean. That adds up to 100% of a fully satiating and healthy mouthful of goodness!

I eat one bar a day. Sometimes two!

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