Redmond’s Real Salt

This is one of a few recommended products that I use in my healthy lifestyle that I’m often asked about. 

Salt is salt, right? WRONG!

What truly sets this salt apart is that it is mined from an ancient seabed in Utah. This means that it is untouched by the many potential pollutants and microplastics that are in the ocean today.

Typical table salt can be thought of as white sugar in a sense. It is heavily stripped from its natural form. What makes “regular” table salt bad is they removed the 60+ other trace minerals that are in whole salt. You guessed it, the body needs those minerals!

The odd thing is, this salt has a subtle sweet taste to it. How do I know? Well, before a race or hard track workout I “salt dose” and take 1/4 tsp and lick it out of the palm of my hand and chase it with a handful of water. Salt is a vasodilator and I’ve experienced extra “oomph” to some workouts by salt dosing before an intense workout.

I use this salt daily to season my food to taste as well. That’s right. Even having cardiovascular disease, I salt my food. Why? Because the components of salt are essential and contrary to what “they” lead me to believe, it hasn’t negatively affected my blood pressure. In fact, it remains well below 120/80 and that is WITHOUT taking blood pressure medication! Read this review of “The Salt Fix” and the actual book (or audiobook) then form your own opinion.

I’ll say that NOT minimizing salt has positively affected my health. I feel well. I RARELY get dehydrated. Food tastes SO MUCH BETTER!

Salt cravings are physiological. Sugar cravings are addictions. Salty can actually overcome the sugary… 😉

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