This is one of a few recommended products that I use in my healthy lifestyle that I’m often asked about. 

Request A Test - Where I order my NMR Lipid Profile Cholesterol Test.

RequestATest is a wonderful service that I use to order my own lab tests without having to go through a doctor. The main benefit of this is I am able to get my preferred in-depth NMR Lipoprofile (Cholesterol) test from LabCorp. I also get other tests… my doctors love that I come in prepared for my visit knowing my numbers. You can also test periodically if you are experimenting with things so there aren’t any surprises when you go see your doctor and get their tests. :-)

The process is SIMPLE! All you do is place your order. Await confirmation. Schedule to go to the testing facility. Someone will draw a small bit of your blood and you’re out the door. Then await an email notification so you can download your CONFIDENTIAL results! The ONLY drawbacks are is that medical testing on your own like this isn’t available in NY, NJ, and RI; and you pay for it–not insurance (but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I’ve seen some of these prices less than what is billed to insurance.)

They have MANY tests you can order, here are links to the ones I get and frequently suggest to other people to get:

Those are the common tests that I frequently discuss and tell people about. A word of caution, strenuous exercise & stress can negatively affect blood tests! Most of them require fasting before, so plan accordingly–including maybe a couple days of rest or very light exercise if you’re athletic!

The button will take you to the specific NMR test which measures cholesterol particle numbers and sizes I mention whenever I discuss my cholesterol numbers especially in my managing cholesterol & cardiovascular disease article and in discussing how I obtained incredible lipoprotein results (yes, that image above is from MY results!)

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