Why am I asking you to buy something?

This is one of a few recommended products that I use in my healthy lifestyle that I’m often asked about. 

People have suggested that I write a book, make pay-per-view videos, and even charge per article; however, all the information I share is already publicly available on the internet. I am merely sharing the excellent information that has transformed me into a healthy lifestyle as part of my heart attack recovery.

There is a lot of wrong, misleading, and conflicting information out there. In addition to the countless hours sifting through all the garbage to find good information, I have also spent many hours developing and spent money purchasing imagery and plugins for this website to provide a nice way to present the information.

Many people have told me they find the information and my experience valuable, and this option is here as an alternative to conventional “pay-for” information. I feel people value information differently, and I have a problem charging for information that I didn’t 100% create. Let’s face it, almost all information we read is someone else’s interpretation. For example, how many people pay a lot of money for a program to lose weight when all it comes to is eating fewer calories than you burn?

I’m also set up as an Amazon associate where I receive a small commission if someone purchases within 24 hours of clicking a product link. This is another way you can contribute if you buy from Amazon, and it doesn’t even cost you a penny extra.

Regardless of whether you contribute, I sincerely hope you find this information helpful somehow because I truly don’t want anyone to go through all that I did… it was very tough trying to figure all of this out!

Eat Clean. Get Sweaty. Rest. Live Well!